Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hawkgirl Blogged

I was browsing the net looking for other references for Hawkgirl as I have plans of updating Shayera Hol again. Then I saw THIS.

My Hawkgirl Brightest Day series costume got blogged. Cool! 

This is my 2nd Hawkgirl costume. I decided to re-furbish it when I saw the Brightest Day series toy. I kinda liked it - the gold top & the chest piece. We painted my helmet gold and Donrobert made me a mace (the first time I donned my HG costume i didn't have a mace because we had no more time to do it). I retained the green leggings, belt & wings. I also made a new boot cover.


I first wore my Hawkgirl costume last August 22, 2010 at the Metro Comic Con Convention in SM Megamall. We decided to do the Hawks because it seemed that nobody has done it yet here. We actually finished making the costume morning of the event day.lol. It took time to do my mask. It's the 2nd run 'coz I rejected the 1st mock-up done. So DonRobert had to start from scratch that night again. >:)

The costume was based from a 3d art I saw over the net. It was so perfectly done! So I used it as my reference.


I won as "Best DC Character" during that event so Hawkgirl is really special to me. :)

It was also nice because people recognized who I was. The kids know the Hawks. :) 

As mentioned, I'm planning to do a couple more Hawkgirl costumes. I have plans already of which versions to do. :)
We'll keep you posted. 


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