Saturday, January 7, 2012

Better Late than Never - The DRI Blog

And so I decided to create a blog to be able to share and document all those things that happen in our lives. Yes, it may be short-lived or may be until forever depending on the time and my capacity to compose these write-ups but as I've titled this first post - it's better late than never. At least, whenever I have the energy to work my brain out I can write. Perhaps this would be a beginning and may be an end. This may also be part of a resolution for this year to be more organized. Life is short so it would be best to share what we have learned along our way. This blog will revolve mostly with our lives, on cosplay, on things that we value and cherish most. Its a peep hole into what we usually do during our most busiest and most laziest days.

As I still try to get the blog rollin' in terms of design ( I have no idea what's going on; probably due to my crappy internet connection), it'll be under construction for the time being. Anyone who would like to offer any help will be most appreciated.

In advance, I would like to thank those who will patronize and support this ambitious endeavor. Hopefully, we get to live up to the expectations.

As Tony Stark said, "It's Good to be back!"


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