Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hawkgirl Blogged

I was browsing the net looking for other references for Hawkgirl as I have plans of updating Shayera Hol again. Then I saw THIS.

My Hawkgirl Brightest Day series costume got blogged. Cool! 

This is my 2nd Hawkgirl costume. I decided to re-furbish it when I saw the Brightest Day series toy. I kinda liked it - the gold top & the chest piece. We painted my helmet gold and Donrobert made me a mace (the first time I donned my HG costume i didn't have a mace because we had no more time to do it). I retained the green leggings, belt & wings. I also made a new boot cover.


I first wore my Hawkgirl costume last August 22, 2010 at the Metro Comic Con Convention in SM Megamall. We decided to do the Hawks because it seemed that nobody has done it yet here. We actually finished making the costume morning of the event day.lol. It took time to do my mask. It's the 2nd run 'coz I rejected the 1st mock-up done. So DonRobert had to start from scratch that night again. >:)

The costume was based from a 3d art I saw over the net. It was so perfectly done! So I used it as my reference.


I won as "Best DC Character" during that event so Hawkgirl is really special to me. :)

It was also nice because people recognized who I was. The kids know the Hawks. :) 

As mentioned, I'm planning to do a couple more Hawkgirl costumes. I have plans already of which versions to do. :)
We'll keep you posted. 


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Iron Man mk 7 suit

And so it has been released already - the finished prototype for the Iron Man mk 7 suit to be featured in the upcoming Avengers movie this coming May with Robert Downey Jr. reprising his role as Tony Stark and his heroic alter ego Iron Man.

The first look of the suit came out during the New York Comic Con 2011 last October 13-16, 2011 as released by Kotubukiya. The Iron Man Mark VII stands nearly 16 inches tall (1/6th scale) on an incredible shattered concrete base that bears the marks of furious battle. 

The Avengers movie is one of the most anticipated movie for this year as it gathers the most popular superheroes of Marvel Comics.

Avengers poster

Watch the official trailer below:

In relation, DonRobert has started doing the new Iron Man suit ever since the raw prototype has been released. 

See more photos of work in progress here.

We'll keep you posted when its been completed. :)

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Happy Chinese New Year to all!
(yes, i know it's the year of the dragon but this cat photo I found on the net was so adorable not to post. haha.)

The celebration of the Chinese New Year somehow has a special meaning for us. It actually prompted me to go over my previous albums in facebook to look at these.

These photos were taken February 14, 2009 - a double celebration of the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. It's also the first time we went "out" for a ... err... date. lol. We both attended the Chinese New Year event in SM Makati, cosplayed for the heck and fun of it, then went to Mall of Asia afterwards.  The rest was history. 

I fell in l  ve with the white ninja. 

p.s. sometimes you just need to be cheesy. haha.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Merchandise Returns

Ever lent something to someone and when it was returned to you its damaged? or worst, it was never returned to you at all? It's really frustrating when things like these happen. For an obsessive-compulsive person like me, I truly despise it. Why? because I worked hard to be able to buy that thing and another person will just lose or damage it? I don't even allow it to be dropped or scratched and yet another person will? Tsk.tsk.

I am not generalizing but some people are indeed like these. I wish people learn to understand the value of the object they have borrowed. Borrowed objects are meant to be returned to the owner as how it had been lent to them.

With regards to this, we would like to share a personal experience we had that involved renting out costumes. I will not post the whole story here again but you may read full story here and see full pictures here.

In a short gist, Ms. Janice Cerdon who works for Global Destiny Cable borrowed our Tron costume set for their Christmas party presentation last Dec.22 at SMX MOA. We gave it to them in very good condition yet when they returned it to us, it had been reduced to trash. It was heart-breaking, frustrating and furiously aggravating. We wanted them to pay for the costumes or even replace it  but they didn't want to take any responsibility for it. They wanted us to settle for less to which we declined because we feel that its the right thing to do. We'd rather blacklist them than accept their monetary offer because if we did, it will only imply that we were okay with what they did to our costumes.

Let this serve as a warning and a lesson for everyone - the times have changed. We can no longer be idealistic and trust anyone without protecting ourselves.

So to all our fellow cosplayers, be careful in renting out your costumes to strangers. Prepare a contract/agreement that would cover you from untoward incidents. It's better safe than sorry and we should never let opportunistic individuals and groups take advantage of our passion, our hobby. We spend so much more than money in making our beloved costumes and no one has the right to destroy it.

Trust is like a vase.. once it's broken, though you can fix it the vase will never be same again.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Better Late than Never - The DRI Blog

And so I decided to create a blog to be able to share and document all those things that happen in our lives. Yes, it may be short-lived or may be until forever depending on the time and my capacity to compose these write-ups but as I've titled this first post - it's better late than never. At least, whenever I have the energy to work my brain out I can write. Perhaps this would be a beginning and may be an end. This may also be part of a resolution for this year to be more organized. Life is short so it would be best to share what we have learned along our way. This blog will revolve mostly with our lives, on cosplay, on things that we value and cherish most. Its a peep hole into what we usually do during our most busiest and most laziest days.

As I still try to get the blog rollin' in terms of design ( I have no idea what's going on; probably due to my crappy internet connection), it'll be under construction for the time being. Anyone who would like to offer any help will be most appreciated.

In advance, I would like to thank those who will patronize and support this ambitious endeavor. Hopefully, we get to live up to the expectations.

As Tony Stark said, "It's Good to be back!"